Microsoft.Speech.VoiceXml Namespace

Public classBrowser The Browser class in the Microsoft.Speech.VoiceXml namespace provides platform-independent access to the VoiceXML runtime.
Protected classBrowser.CallProxy The CallProxy class is used by classes that derive from Browser to pass information about calls to the VoiceXML interpreter.

Protected enumerationBrowser.CallProxy.ProxyCallState The ProxyCallState enumeration is used to relay information about the current call state.
Protected enumerationBrowser.CallProxy.ProxyCallStateTransitionReason Represents the reasons for call state transitions.
Protected enumerationBrowser.CallProxy.ProxyPageState Represents the state of an attempt to load a VoiceXML document.
Protected enumerationBrowser.CallProxy.ProxyRecorderState Represents the state of the recorder.
Protected enumerationBrowser.CallProxy.ProxyReferState Indicates possible states for the signaling session.
Protected enumerationBrowser.CallProxy.ProxyTransferType Indicates the type of transfer requested in the VoiceXML document.