SerializationStatus.Status Enumeration

Solver Foundation 3.0

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Indicates the error code that occurred during the serialization of the constraint system.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SolverFoundation.Solvers
Assembly:  Microsoft.Solver.Foundation (in Microsoft.Solver.Foundation.dll)

public enum Status

Member nameDescription
INTERNALERRORCannot handle an error in the parser.
WRITEFAILEDCannot write to the output stream during a save operation.
UNABLETOPARSEMODELCannot parse a model.
UNABLETOPARSEHEADERCannot parse the header block.
UNABLETOPARSEUNARYTERMCannot parse a unary operator.
UNABLETOPARSETERMNAMECannot parse a term name.
UNABLETOPARSEDOMAINCannot parse a domain.
UNABLETOPARSELINECannot parse a line in the input stream.
UNABLETOPARSENUMBERCannot parse a number.
UNABLETOPARSESTRINGCannot parse a string.
NOSYMBOLSINSETCannot parse symbols in a symbol set.
NOINTSINSETCannot parse integers in an integer set.
UNABLETOPARSEVARIABLECannot parse a variable line.
UNABLETOPARSEMULTITERMCannot parse multiple terms in one line.
UNABLETOPARSESYMBOLCannot parse a symbol reference.
UNABLETOPARSECONSTRAINTCannot parse a constraint line.
UNABLETOPARSEMOFNCannot parse an M of N term.
UNABLETOPARSEPOWERCannot parse a power term.
UNABLETOPARSEINDEXCannot parse an index term.
UNABLETOPARSESYMBOLREFCannot parse a symbol reference.
DUPLICATEVARNAMEDetected a duplicate variable name.
INVALIDNUMTERMSIMPLIESInvalid number of terms in the implies operator.
UNABLETOPARSENONDECISIVECannot parse nondecisive tokens.
NONDECISIVEPARSEError parsing non-decisive tokens.
OKThe operation was successful.
UNABLETOPARSEISELEMENTOFCannot parse an IsElementOf term.