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InteriorPointSolverParams Class
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InteriorPointSolverParams Class

Solver Foundation 3.0

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Defines the parameters for the interior point method (IPM) solver.


Namespace:  Microsoft.SolverFoundation.Solvers
Assembly:  Microsoft.Solver.Foundation (in Microsoft.Solver.Foundation.dll)

public class InteriorPointSolverParams : ISolverParameters, 

The InteriorPointSolverParams type exposes the following members.

Public methodInteriorPointSolverParams()Initializes a new instance of the InteriorPointSolverParams class.
Public methodInteriorPointSolverParams(Func<TResult>)Initializes a new instance of the InteriorPointSolverParams class.
Public methodInteriorPointSolverParams(Directive)Initializes a new instance of the InteriorPointSolverParams class with a directive.
Public methodInteriorPointSolverParams(InteriorPointSolverParams)Initializes a new instance of the InteriorPointSolverParams class.

Public propertyAbortSets a value that indicates whether the solver will stop solving.
Public propertyIpmAlgorithmGets or sets the type of interior point method algorithm to use.
Public propertyIpmKKTGets or sets the type of interior point method Karush-Kuhn-Tucker (KTT) algorithm.
Public propertyIterationStartedCallbackGets or sets the function callback for the start of each iteration.
Public propertyKindOfSolverGets the type of solver to use.
Public propertyMaxDenseColumnRatioGets or sets the dense column ratio.
Public propertyMaxIterationCountGets or sets the maximum number of iterations.
Public propertyPresolveLevelGets or sets the level of presolve that the interior point method solver applies.
Public propertyQueryAbortGets or sets a callback function that determines when to stop the computation.
Public propertySolveToleranceGets or sets the solve tolerance.
Public propertySolvingGets or sets the callback function that is called during the solve process.
Public propertySymbolicOrderingGets or sets the type of matrix ordering to apply.

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Public methodNotifyStartSolveDefines the callback function before the solve process starts.
Public methodShouldAbortReturns a value that indicates whether the solver should stop.
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