ConstraintSystem.TryAddMinimizationGoals Method

Solver Foundation 3.0

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Returns a value that indicates whether terms were minimized successfully by the solver.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SolverFoundation.Solvers
Assembly:  Microsoft.Solver.Foundation (in Microsoft.Solver.Foundation.dll)

public bool TryAddMinimizationGoals(
	params CspTerm[] goals


Type: Microsoft.SolverFoundation.Solvers.CspTerm[]
The goals to minimize.

Return Value

Type: System.Boolean
true if terms were minimized successfully by the solver; otherwise, false.

If the solver is not given any goals, the solver tries to find all feasible solutions. If one term is specified, the solver finds all solutions equal to the best value of the goal. If more than one goal term is supplied, each term is considered only within the set of solutions satisfying the optimum of all preceding goals. If the TryAddMinimizationGoals method is called separately, terms are appended to the previously registered goals.