Microsoft.SolverFoundation.Solvers Namespace

Solver Foundation 3.0

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The Microsoft.SolverFoundation.Solvers namespace contains classes and enumerations used by Microsoft Solver Foundation 2.1 to implement multiple solvers, such as the compact quasi-Newton solver, constraint satisfaction solver, interior point solver, and simplex solver. If you want to integrate your own solver, use the classes in the Microsoft.SolverFoundation.Services namespace.

  Class Description
Public class CompactQuasiNewtonModel Defines the compact quasi-Newton (CQN) solver for nonlinear models.
Public class CompactQuasiNewtonSolver Finds a local minimum or maximum for an unconstrained nonlinear function.
Public class CompactQuasiNewtonSolverParams Defines the parameters for the compact quasi-Newton solver.
Public class ConstraintSolverParams Defines the search strategy for constraint satisfaction programming (CSP).
Public class ConstraintSolverSolution Defines a constraint satisfaction programming (CSP) solution.
Public class ConstraintSystem Defines how to create and solve models.
Public class CspComposite Defines a composite data type that consists of a finite set of terms.
Public class CspDomain Defines all the possible values for a term.
Public class CspListOperators Defines list operators for models.
Public class CspPowerList Defines power-list domains.
Public class CspPowerSet Defines power-set domains.
Public class CspSetOperators Defines set operators for models.
Public class CspTerm Defines a variable or function to use in modeling.
Public class HybridLocalSearchModel The model for the HybridLocalSearchSolver.
Protected class HybridLocalSearchModel.Goal Information attached to every goal
Public class HybridLocalSearchParameters Specifies the parameters for the HybridLocalSearchModel.
Public class HybridLocalSearchProperties Represents properties that can be retrieved for the hybrid local search (HLS) solver.
Public class HybridLocalSearchSolver A solver that uses simple, general-purpose local search strategies.
Public class InteriorPointSolver Solves linear and nonlinear convex optimization problems.
Public class InteriorPointSolverParams Defines the parameters for the interior point method (IPM) solver.
Public class NelderMeadSolver Finds a local minimum or maximum for a box-constrained nonlinear function.
Public class NelderMeadSolverParams Parameters for the NelderMeadSolver.
Public class SatSolution Stores information for a SatSolver solution.
Public class SatSolver Defines a satisfaction solver.
Public class SatSolverParams Defines the parameters for the satisfaction solver.
Public class SerializationStatus Defines the error conditions that occur during serialization.
Public class SimplexSolver Defines a branch-and-bound search for optimizing mixed integer problems.
Public class SimplexSolverParams Defines the parameters used by the simplex solver.
Public class UnconstrainedNonlinearModel Represents the base class for unconstrained nonlinear models.

  Structure Description
Public structure Literal Defines a Boolean variable or the negation of a Boolean variable.

  Interface Description
Public interface IInteriorPointStatistics Defines metrics for the solutions of the interior point method (IPM) algorithm.
Public interface ISimplexPivotInformation Defines information for solving a simplex pivot.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration BranchingStrategy Defines the branching strategies for the mixed integer programming (MIP) solver.
Public enumeration CompactQuasiNewtonSolutionQuality Defines the solution quality.
Public enumeration ConstraintSolverParams.CspSearchAlgorithm Defines the search algorithm for constraint satisfaction programming (CSP).
Public enumeration ConstraintSolverParams.LocalSearchMove Defines the heuristics for moves in a local search.
Public enumeration ConstraintSolverParams.TreeSearchValueOrdering Defines the choices for value ordering.
Public enumeration ConstraintSolverParams.TreeSearchVariableOrdering Defines the choices for tree search algorithms.
Public enumeration ConstraintSolverSolution.SolutionQuality Defines the result of the constraint solver.
Public enumeration ConstraintSystem.ModelConstructionMode Defines the modes for model construction.
Public enumeration CspDomain.ValueKind Defines the valid kinds of values in domains.
Public enumeration CutKind Defines the types of cuts that a solver can generate.
Public enumeration InteriorPointAlgorithmKind Defines the options for the interior point method algorithm.
Public enumeration InteriorPointKktForm Defines the options of Karush-Kuhn-Tucker (KKT) matrix arithmetic.
Public enumeration NelderMeadStartMethod Specifies how to initialize the starting point for a NelderMeadSolver.
Public enumeration NelderMeadTerminationSensitivity The termination policy for NelderMead.
Public enumeration SearchStrategy Defines the options for search strategies for the mixed integer programming (MIP) solver.
Public enumeration SerializationStatus.Status Indicates the error code that occurred during the serialization of the constraint system.
Public enumeration SimplexAlgorithmKind Defines two classes of simplex algorithms.
Public enumeration SimplexBasisKind Defines the options for initial basis.
Public enumeration SimplexCosting Defines the options for simplex costing.
Public enumeration SimplexVarValKind Defines variables that are supported by the simplex solver.
Public enumeration SolverKind Defines the types of solvers.