InteriorPointMethodDirective Properties

Solver Foundation 3.0

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The InteriorPointMethodDirective type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Algorithm Gets or sets the algorithm for the interior point method solver.
Public property Arithmetic Gets or sets the numerical accuracy to use during the solve process. (Inherited from Directive.)
Public property GapTolerance Gets or sets the gap tolerance for the interior point method solver.
Public property IterationLimit Gets or sets the iteration count limit.
Public property MaximumGoalCount Gets or sets the maximum number of goals to use. (Inherited from Directive.)
Public property PresolveLevel Specifies the level of pre-solve the InteriorPointSolverwill apply. -1 is the default value and implies automatically pre-solve, 0 means no pre-solve, >0 full pre-solve.
Public property SymbolicOrdering The type of matrix ordering to apply.
Public property TimeLimit Gets or sets the time limit. (Inherited from Directive.)
Public property WaitLimit Gets or sets the time to wait for a result after timeout is reached. (Inherited from Directive.)