Domain Class

Solver Foundation 3.0

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The set of possible values for a decision or parameter.


Namespace:  Microsoft.SolverFoundation.Services
Assembly:  Microsoft.Solver.Foundation (in Microsoft.Solver.Foundation.dll)

type Domain =  class end

The Domain type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberAnyGets a domain representing any number or string.
Public propertyStatic memberBooleanGets a domain representing a true or false value.
Public propertyStatic memberIntegerGets a domain representing any integer value.
Public propertyStatic memberIntegerNonnegativeGets a domain representing any positive integer or zero.
Public propertyNameGets or sets the name of this domain.
Public propertyStatic memberProbabilityGets a domain representing probability.
Public propertyStatic memberRealGets a domain representing any real value.
Public propertyStatic memberRealNonnegativeGets a domain representing any positive real value or zero.

Public methodStatic memberEnumCreates a domain representing a choice between a group of strings.
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Public methodStatic memberIntegerRangeCreates a domain representing an integer value in a restricted range.
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Public methodStatic memberRealRangeA domain representing a real value in a restricted range.
Public methodStatic memberSet(Int32[])Creates a domain representing values from a discrete set.
Public methodStatic memberSet(Rational[])Creates a domain representing values from a discrete set.
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Domains determine the range of acceptable values for a decision or a parameter. A Domain instance is created by calling a static method on the Domain class. Domains that are frequently used include Real and Integer. The domains of decisions and parameters are considered when determining which solvers may be used to solve a model.

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