ConstraintProgrammingDirective Properties

Solver Foundation 3.0

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The ConstraintProgrammingDirective type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Algorithm Gets or sets the algorithm.
Public property Arithmetic Gets or sets the numerical accuracy to use during the solve process. (Inherited from Directive.)
Public property MaximumGoalCount Gets or sets the maximum number of goals to use. (Inherited from Directive.)
Public property MoveSelection Gets or sets the heuristic for selecting local search moves.
Public property PrecisionDecimals The number of decimal digits of precision.
Public property RestartEnabled Gets or sets a value indicating whether to enable the solver to restart.
Public property TimeLimit Gets or sets the time limit. (Inherited from Directive.)
Public property UserOrderVariables Gets or sets a prioritized list of variables that should be searched in a breadth-first search.
Public property ValueSelection Gets or sets the heuristic for selecting the decision value to test first.
Public property VariableSelection Gets or sets the heuristic for selecting decisions to branch on.
Public property WaitLimit Gets or sets the time to wait for a result after timeout is reached. (Inherited from Directive.)