This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

DatastoreManager Class

Visual Studio 2008

Accesses information in the Datastore and provides methods to enumerate and get Platform objects in the desktop computer's Datastore.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SmartDevice.Connectivity
Assembly:  Microsoft.SmartDevice.Connectivity (in Microsoft.SmartDevice.Connectivity.dll)

public class DatastoreManager

This is always the first class used in this namespace.

The Datastore contains information about platforms and devices registered on the desktop computer. For more information about the Datastore, see the last section in Controlling Devices with the Smart Device Connectivity API.

using System;
using System.Collections.ObjectModel;
using Microsoft.SmartDevice.Connectivity;

class Example
    static void Main(string[] args)
        // Get datastore object
        DatastoreManager dsmgr = new DatastoreManager(1033);

        // Get the platforms in the Datastore
        Collection<Platform> platforms = dsmgr.GetPlatforms();

        // For each platform, output name and ID
        Console.WriteLine("Get all platforms with the GetPlatforms method: \r\n");
        foreach (Platform platform in platforms)
            Console.WriteLine("Platform Name: " + platform.Name + "    ID: " + platform.Id);

        // Get the Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone platform
        ObjectId wm5sp = new ObjectId(new Guid("BD0CC567-F6FD-4ca3-99D2-063EFDFC0A39"));
        Platform p = dsmgr.GetPlatform(wm5sp);

        // Output information
        Console.WriteLine("\r\n\r\nGet the WM5 Smartphone platform using the GetPlatform method: \r\n");
        Console.WriteLine("Platform Name: " + p.Name + "    ID: " + p.Id);



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