Microsoft.SideShow.SimpleContentFormat Namespace

ContentNavigateEventArgsProvides Simple Context Format navigation event data for the ContentNavigateEventArgs event.
ContextMenuSelectEventArgsProvides Simple Context Format context menu event data for the ContextMenuSelect event.
MenuSelectEventArgsProvides Simple Context Format menu action event data for the MenuSelectEventArgs event.
ScfProvides methods to help construct SideShow Simple Content Format XML strings. This class cannot be inherited.
ScfElementRepresent a single object in an object graph for producing a Simple Content Format XML string. This class cannot be inherited.
ScfEventArgsProvides common Simple Context Format application event data for various ScfSideShowGadget events.
ScfSideShowGadgetRepresents a Simple Content Format SideShow-compatible device.

ScfAlignIndicates how to align text or an image within the device's display.
ScfBackgroundImageFitIndicates how to fit a background image.
ScfImageFitIndicates how to fit an image within the device's display.
ScfSelectActionDefines the action to take when an item is selected on a menu.

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