SoapDataSource members

The SoapDataSource type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Protected property Adapter (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property AppendUserNameToCacheKey Whether current user name should be appended to the cache key (Inherited from BaseXmlDataSource.)
Public property AppRelativeTemplateSourceDirectory (Inherited from Control.)
Public property AuthenticationParameters
Public property AuthPassword
Public property AuthType
Public property AuthUserName
Public property BindingContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Public property CacheDuration Gets or sets the amount of time in seconds that the cache is valid. (Inherited from BaseXmlDataSource.)
Public property CacheExpirationPolicy Gets or sets the expiration policy of the cache. (Inherited from BaseXmlDataSource.)
Public property CacheKeyDependency Gets or sets an arbitrary dependent cache key for the entry. (Inherited from BaseXmlDataSource.)
Protected property ChildControlsCreated (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ClientID (Inherited from HierarchicalDataSourceControl.)
Public property ClientIDMode (Inherited from HierarchicalDataSourceControl.)
Protected property ClientIDSeparator (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property Context (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Controls (Inherited from HierarchicalDataSourceControl.)
Public property DataFileParameters Gets a collection of parameters used in manipulating the XmlDocPath. (Inherited from BaseXmlDataSource.)
Public property DataItemContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Public property DataKeysContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Public property DeleteAction
Public property DeleteCommand
Public property DeleteParameters Parameters on the Delete command
Public property DeletePort
Public property DeleteServiceName
Public property DeleteUrl
Protected property DesignMode (Inherited from Control.)
Public property EnableCaching Gets or sets a value that indicates whether caching is enabled. (Inherited from BaseXmlDataSource.)
Public property EnableTheming (Inherited from HierarchicalDataSourceControl.)
Public property EnableViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ErrorCacheDuration Gets or sets the amount of time, in seconds, for the code stored in the cache to be valid. (Inherited from BaseXmlDataSource.)
Protected property Events (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property HasChildViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ID (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property IdSeparator (Inherited from Control.)
Public property InsertAction
Public property InsertCommand
Public property InsertParameters Parameters on the Delete command
Public property InsertPort
Public property InsertServiceName
Public property InsertUrl
Protected property IsChildControlStateCleared (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property IsTrackingViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property IsViewStateEnabled (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property LastException (Inherited from BaseXmlDataSource.)
Protected property LoadViewStateByID (Inherited from Control.)
Public property NamingContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Page (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Parent (Inherited from Control.)
Public property RenderingCompatibility (Inherited from Control.)
Public property SelectAction
Public property SelectCommand
Public property SelectParameters Parameters on the Select command
Public property SelectPort
Public property SelectServiceName
Public property SelectUrl
Public property Site (Inherited from Control.)
Public property SkinID (Inherited from HierarchicalDataSourceControl.)
Public property TemplateControl (Inherited from Control.)
Public property TemplateSourceDirectory (Inherited from Control.)
Public property UniqueID (Inherited from Control.)
Public property UpdateAction
Public property UpdateCommand
Public property UpdateParameters Parameters on the Update command
Public property UpdatePort
Public property UpdateServiceName
Public property UpdateUrl
Protected property ViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property ViewStateIgnoresCase (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ViewStateMode (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Visible (Inherited from HierarchicalDataSourceControl.)
Public property WsdlPath
Protected property XmlDocPath Gets or sets the URL path to the requested resource. (Inherited from BaseXmlDataSource.)
Public property XPath Gets or sets the XPath to a repeating data region. (Inherited from BaseXmlDataSource.)

  Name Description
Protected method AddedControl (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method AddParsedSubObject (Inherited from Control.)
Public method ApplyStyleSheetSkin (Inherited from HierarchicalDataSourceControl.)
Protected method BuildProfileTree (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method ClearCachedClientID (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method ClearChildControlState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method ClearChildState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method ClearChildViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method ClearEffectiveClientIDMode (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method CreateChildControls (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method CreateControlCollection (Inherited from HierarchicalDataSourceControl.)
Public method DataBind() (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method DataBind(Boolean) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method DataBindChildren (Inherited from Control.)
Public method Delete
Public method Dispose (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method EnsureChildControls (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method EnsureID (Inherited from Control.)
Public method Equals (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method Execute Causes the BaseXmlDataSource instance to request a URL using the derived class’s FetchData method. (Inherited from BaseXmlDataSource.)
Protected method FetchData Called by Execute in order to do child-specific data fetch actions. (Overrides BaseXmlDataSource.FetchData(String).)
Protected method Finalize (Inherited from Object.)
Public method FindControl(String) (Inherited from HierarchicalDataSourceControl.)
Protected method FindControl(String, Int32) (Inherited from Control.)
Public method Focus (Inherited from HierarchicalDataSourceControl.)
Protected method GetDesignModeState (Inherited from Control.)
Public method GetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method GetHierarchicalView Returns a hierarchical data source view of the given view name. (Overrides HierarchicalDataSourceControl.GetHierarchicalView(String).)
Public method GetRouteUrl(Object) (Inherited from Control.)
Public method GetRouteUrl(RouteValueDictionary) (Inherited from Control.)
Public method GetRouteUrl(String, Object) (Inherited from Control.)
Public method GetRouteUrl(String, RouteValueDictionary) (Inherited from Control.)
Public method GetType (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetUniqueIDRelativeTo (Inherited from Control.)
Public method GetXmlDocument Fetches the XML document for the current query settings. (Inherited from BaseXmlDataSource.)
Public method HasControls (Inherited from HierarchicalDataSourceControl.)
Protected method HasEvents (Inherited from Control.)
Public method Insert
Protected method IsLiteralContent (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method LoadControlState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method LoadViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method MapPathSecure (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method MemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method OnBubbleEvent (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method OnDataBinding (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method OnDataSourceChanged (Inherited from HierarchicalDataSourceControl.)
Protected method OnInit (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method OnLoad (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method OnPreRender (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method OnUnload (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method OpenFile (Inherited from Control.)
Public method ProcessSSO Process the SSO info. If windows authentication identity is used, we propose to do impresonation. Otherwise we replace the userid/password string. Return true if it's windows authentication, so that we need to do impersonation.
Protected method RaiseBubbleEvent (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method RemovedControl (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method Render (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method RenderChildren (Inherited from Control.)
Public method RenderControl(HtmlTextWriter) (Inherited from HierarchicalDataSourceControl.)
Protected method RenderControl(HtmlTextWriter, ControlAdapter) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method ResolveAdapter (Inherited from Control.)
Public method ResolveClientUrl (Inherited from Control.)
Public method ResolveUrl (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method SaveControlState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method SaveViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected method SetDesignModeState (Inherited from Control.)
Public method SetRenderMethodDelegate (Inherited from Control.)
Public method ToString (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method TrackViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Public method Update
Protected method UseDataFileParameters Changes the XmlDocPath to reflect the parameters represented by the DataFileParameter collection (Inherited from BaseXmlDataSource.)

  Name Description
Public event DataBinding (Inherited from Control.)
Public event Disposed (Inherited from Control.)
Public event Init (Inherited from Control.)
Public event Load (Inherited from Control.)
Public event PreRender (Inherited from Control.)
Public event Unload (Inherited from Control.)

  Name Description
Protected field _xmlCachedDocument A protected field that contains the System.Xml.XmlDocument object being acted upon by the BaseXmlDataSource instance. (Inherited from BaseXmlDataSource.)
Public field Static member SZVersionEncodingEnd
Public field Static member SZVersionEncodingScheme
Public field Static member SZVersionEncodingStart

  Name Description
Explicit interface implemetation Private event IDataSource.DataSourceChanged Event is fired when the properties of the data source change.
Explicit interface implemetation Private method IDataSource.GetView Component of IDataSource; this returns a flat view of the data. (Inherited from BaseXmlDataSource.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private method IDataSource.GetViewNames Returns a list of all the view names in the data source. (Inherited from BaseXmlDataSource.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private method IParserAccessor.AddParsedSubObject (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private property IControlBuilderAccessor.ControlBuilder (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private property IDataBindingsAccessor.DataBindings (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private event IHierarchicalDataSource.DataSourceChanged (Inherited from HierarchicalDataSourceControl.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private property IExpressionsAccessor.Expressions (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private method IControlDesignerAccessor.GetDesignModeState (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private method IHierarchicalDataSource.GetHierarchicalView (Inherited from HierarchicalDataSourceControl.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private property IDataBindingsAccessor.HasDataBindings (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private property IExpressionsAccessor.HasExpressions (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private method IControlDesignerAccessor.SetDesignModeState (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private method IControlDesignerAccessor.SetOwnerControl (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private property IControlDesignerAccessor.UserData (Inherited from Control.)