MergeButton properties

The MergeButton type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AccessKey Gets or sets string representing the access key. (Inherited from SPSecurityTrimmedControl.)
Protected property Adapter (Inherited from Control.)
Public property AppRelativeTemplateSourceDirectory (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Attributes (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property AuthenticationRestrictions (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property BackColor (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property BindingContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Public property BorderColor (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property BorderStyle (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property BorderWidth (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected property ChildControlsCreated (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ClientID (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ClientIDMode (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property ClientIDSeparator (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ClientOnClickScriptContainingPrefixedUrl Gets or sets the client-side ECMA script that should be executed when the user clicks on this menu entry. (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property CommandArgument Gets or sets an optional argument passed to the command event handler. (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property CommandName Gets or sets the command name associated with the SPLinkButton control that is passed to the command event handler. (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Protected property Context (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Controls (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ControlStyle (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property ControlStyleCreated (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property CssClass (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property DataItemContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Public property DataKeysContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property DesignMode (Inherited from Control.)
Public property EmitDiv Gets or sets the div element to be the control tag. (Inherited from SPSecurityTrimmedControl.)
Public property Enabled (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property EnableTheming (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property EnableViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property Events (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Font (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property ForeColor (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property HasAttributes (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected property HasChildViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Height (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property HideFromSearchCrawler Gets or sets the HideFromSearchCrawler. The HideFromSearchCrawler attribute allows output to be hidden from SharePoint Search or Internet Search Crawlers. (Inherited from SPSecurityTrimmedControl.)
Public property HoverCellActiveCssClass Gets or sets CSS class on mouse hover. (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property HoverCellInActiveCssClass Gets or sets the CSS class when not on mouse hover. (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property ID (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property IdSeparator (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ImageUrl Gets or sets the URL of an image to display in the SPLinkButton control. (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property InDesign Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the link button is in design mode. (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Protected property IsChildControlStateCleared (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property IsEnabled (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected property IsTrackingViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property IsViewStateEnabled (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property LoadViewStateByID (Inherited from Control.)
Public property NamingContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Public property NavigateUrl Gets or sets the URL to link to when the SPLinkButton control is clicked. (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property OnClientClick Gets or sets the client-side ECMA script to be run when the user clicks this SPLinkButton. (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property Page (Inherited from Control.)
Public property PageModes Gets or sets the PageModes. (Inherited from SPSecurityTrimmedControl.)
Public property Parent (Inherited from Control.)
Public property PermissionContext Gets or sets the PermissionContext. (Inherited from SPSecurityTrimmedControl.)
Public property PermissionMode Gets or sets the PermissionMode. (Inherited from SPSecurityTrimmedControl.)
Public property Permissions (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property PermissionsString Gets or sets the PermissionString. (Inherited from SPSecurityTrimmedControl.)
Public property QueryStringParametersToInclude Gets or sets the QueryStringParametersToInclude. (Inherited from SPSecurityTrimmedControl.)
Public property RenderContext Gets or sets the RenderContext. (Inherited from SPSecurityTrimmedControl.)
Public property RenderingCompatibility (Inherited from Control.)
Public property RequiredFeatures Gets or sets the RequiredFeatures. (Inherited from SPSecurityTrimmedControl.)
Public property RibbonCommand (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property RibbonContextualGroupCommand (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property RibbonGroupCommand (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property RibbonImage16by16 (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property RibbonImage32by32 (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property RibbonTabCommand (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property Site (Inherited from Control.)
Public property SkinID (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property Style (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property SupportsDisabledAttribute (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property TabIndex (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected property TagKey (Inherited from SPSecurityTrimmedControl.)
Protected property TagName (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property Target Gets or sets the target window or frame in which to display the Web page content linked to when the [SPLinkButton] control is clicked. (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property TemplateControl (Inherited from Control.)
Public property TemplateSourceDirectory (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Text Gets or sets the text shown for the SPLinkButton on the page. (Inherited from SPLinkButton.)
Public property ToolTip (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property UniqueID (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property ViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property ViewStateIgnoresCase (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ViewStateMode (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Visible Gets or sets the Boolean Visible property. (Inherited from SPSecurityTrimmedControl.)
Public property Width (Inherited from WebControl.)