SqlQueryData members

Represents a container for SQL query information that is used for diagnostic purposes.

The SqlQueryData type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method SqlQueryData Initializes a new instance of the SqlQueryData class.

  Name Description
Public property CallStack Gets or sets the front-end call stack associated with the query.
Public property Database Gets or sets the database where the query was performed.
Public property Duration Gets a value that indicates the amount of time, in milliseconds, that the query took to complete.
Public property IOStatistics Gets the array of query IO statistics.
Public property Static member MonitorableDuration Gets or sets the maximum length of time for which the query can be monitored.
Public property NumLogicalReads
Public property Procedure
Public property Text Gets or sets the SQL query text.

  Name Description
Public method Dispose Ends the monitoring of this SqlQueryData object and records the collected information.
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Public method Static member GetFromThreadContext Get a Sql query data to the current context.
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Public method RefreshIOStatistics Reserve for internal use.
Public method ResetTimer Reset the internal timer
Public method Static member SaveToThreadContext Save a Sql query to the current context.
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