SPUtility.ExecuteCobaltRequest method

SharePoint 2013

Takes a stream which represents an entire Cobalt Request deserializes it and executes it, returning the result as an Atom. Input can be serialized as either FssHttp or FssHttpB (we will detect which you are using) This is the preferred method for executing Cobalt Requests.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

Public Shared Function ExecuteCobaltRequest ( _
	inputStream As Stream, _
	spFile As SPFile, _
	quotaLimits As QuotaLimits _
) As Stream
Dim inputStream As Stream
Dim spFile As SPFile
Dim quotaLimits As QuotaLimits
Dim returnValue As Stream

returnValue = SPUtility.ExecuteCobaltRequest(inputStream, _
	spFile, quotaLimits)


Type: System.IO.Stream
Type: Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFile
Type: QuotaLimits

Return value

Type: System.IO.Stream