TermSetItem Methods

The TermSetItem type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method CreateTerm(String, Int32) Creates a new Term below this TaxonomyItem instance.The name is the default Label for the LCID specified.
Public method CreateTerm(String, Int32, Guid) Creates a new Term object below this TaxonomyItem object.The name is the default Label for the specified LCID.
Public method Delete Deletes the current TaxonomyItem object from the system. (Inherited from TaxonomyItem.)
Public method DoesUserHavePermissions Verifies whether the current user has the permissions specified.
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Public method GetTerms Gets a paged collection containing the child Term objects of this TermSetItem object
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Public method ReuseTerm Creates a new reused Term object below this TaxonomyItem object based on a sourceTerm.
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