SPRights enumeration

NOTE: This API is now obsolete.

Specifies the rights that apply to users, site groups, and cross-site groups.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

<ObsoleteAttribute("Use SPBasePermissions instead")> _
<FlagsAttribute> _
Public Enumeration SPRights
Dim instance As SPRights

Member nameDescription
EmptyMaskObsolete. Value: 0x00000000. Has no permissions on the Web site. Not available through the user interface. Groups: N/A.
ViewListItemsObsolete. Value: 0x00000001. View items in lists, documents in document libraries, and view Web discussion comments. Groups: Reader, Contributor, Web Designer, Administrator.
AddListItemsObsolete. Value: 0x00000002. Add items to lists, add documents to document libraries, and add Web discussion comments. Groups: Contributor, Web Designer, Administrator.
EditListItemsObsolete. Value: 0x00000004. Edit items in lists, edit documents in document libraries, edit Web discussion comments in documents, and customize Web Part Pages in document libraries. Groups: Contributor, Web Designer, Administrator.
DeleteListItemsObsolete. Value: 0x00000008. Delete items from a list, documents from a document library, and Web discussion comments in documents. Groups: Contributor, WebDesigner, Administrator.
CancelCheckoutObsolete. Value: 0x00000100. Check in a document without saving the current changes. Groups: WebDesigner, Administrator.
ManagePersonalViewsObsolete. Value: 0x00000200. Create, change, and delete personal views of lists. Groups: Contributor, WebDesigner, Administrator.
ManageListPermissionsObsolete. No longer used.
ManageListsObsolete. Value: 0x00000800. Create and delete lists, add or remove columns in a list, and add or remove public views of a list. Groups: WebDesigner, Administrator.
AnonymousSearchAccessListObsolete. Make content of a list or document library retrieveable for anonymous users through SharePoint search. The list permissions in the site do not change.
AnonymousSearchAccessWebListsObsolete. Content of lists and document libraries in the website will be retrievable for anonymous users through SharePoint search if the list or document library has AnonymousSearchAccessList set.
OpenWebObsolete. Value: 0x00010000. Allow users to open a Web site, list, or folder. Groups: Guest, Reader, Contributor, WebDesigner, Administrator.
ViewPagesObsolete. Value: 0x00020000. View pages in a Web site. Groups: Reader, Contributor, WebDesigner, Administrator.
AddAndCustomizePagesObsolete. Value: 0x00040000. Add, change, or delete HTML pages or Web Part Pages, and edit the Web site using a Windows SharePoint Services–compatible editor. Groups: WebDesigner, Administrator.
ApplyThemeAndBorderObsolete. Value: 0x00080000. Apply a theme or borders to the entire Web site. Groups: Web Designer, Administrator.
ApplyStyleSheetsObsolete. Value: 0x00100000. Apply a style sheet (.css file) to the Web site. Groups: WebDesigner, Administrator.
ViewUsageDataObsolete. Value: 0x00200000. View reports on Web site usage. Groups: Administrator.
CreateSSCSiteObsolete. Value: 0x00400000. Create a Web site using Self-Service Site Creation. Groups: Reader, Contributor, Web Designer, Administrator.
ManageSubwebsObsolete. Value: 0x00800000. Create subsites such as team sites, Meeting Workspace sites, and Document Workspace sites. Groups: Administrator.
CreatePersonalGroupsObsolete. Value: 0x01000000. Create a group of users that can be used anywhere within the site collection. Groups: Administrator.
ManageRolesObsolete. Value: 0x02000000. Create, change, and delete site groups, including add users to the site groups and specifyi which rights are assigned to a site group. Groups: Administrator.
BrowseDirectoriesObsolete. Value: 0x04000000. Enumerate files and folders in a Web site by using Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 and Web DAV interfaces. Groups: Contributor, WebDesigner, Administrator.
BrowseUserInfoObsolete. Value: 0x08000000. View information about users of the web site. Guest, Reader, Contributor, Web Designer, Administrator.
AddDelPrivateWebPartsObsolete. Value: 0x10000000. Add or remove personal Web Parts on a Web Part. Groups: Contributor, WebDesigner, Administrator.
UpdatePersonalWebPartsObsolete. Value: 0x20000000. Update Web Parts to display personalized information. Groups: Contributor, WebDesigner, Administrator.
ManageWebObsolete. Value: 0x40000000. Manage a site, including the ability to perform all administration tasks for the site and manage contents and permissions. Groups: Administrator.
FullMaskObsolete. Value: -1. Has all permissions on the Web site. Not available through the user interface. Groups: N/A.

A permission consists of a right or combination of rights as specified by the SPRights enumeration. Each permission within the collection of permissions for a site or list is represented by an SPPermission object, whose PermissionMask property contains the set of rights assigned to the user or group.

Unlike rights as used in the user interface, rights do not depend on other rights in the object model. Individual rights can be assigned to users and groups without including dependent rights, and can be assigned in any combination. Be careful when customizing permissions through the object model, because assigning a single right to a user or group, for example, can produce an unpleasant user experience.

For information about site groups that are available by default, see the SPRoleType enumeration. For general information about permissions and security, see Security, Users, and Groups in Windows SharePoint Services.