SPLanguageSettings members

SharePoint 2013

Represents set of language preferences.

The SPLanguageSettings type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property ClientLanguages Gets languages from client (browser)
Public property ClientLanguagesOverride Gets override language for the session.
Public property PreferredContentLanguages Gets preferred content languages.
Public property PreferredDisplayLanguages Gets user's preferred display languages.
Public property PreferredDisplayLanguagesNoClient Gets user's preferred display languages without using client/browser languages
Public property PreferredSearchLanguages Gets preferred search languages. General priority is as follows: 1. If there are preferred "Content" (Content and Search) languages, use those. 2. If no Content languages, use an augmentation of MUI languages and Client (browser) languages. 3. If there are no MUI/Client languages, use the web language 4. If there is no context to get the web (eg: In Powershell), return empty set.

  Name Description
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Public method Static member GetGlobalInstalledLanguages Gets a list of installed languages that are compatible with a given version of SharePoint.
Public method Static member GetGlobalLanguages Gets global languages based on compatibility level. Compatibility Level is the major SharePoint version to query for installed languages. The valid version is determined by IsValidCompatibilityLevel.
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Public method Static member TryDetermineLanguage([], [], String) Try to determine the best culture to use. This overload assumes default options
Public method Static member TryDetermineLanguage([], [], LanguageDecisionOptions, String) Try to determine the best culture to use. This overload allows custom options