SPFileSaveBinaryParameters members

Encapsulates options to use when saving an SPFile object by calling the SaveBinary(Stream, SPFileSaveBinaryParameters) method.

The SPFileSaveBinaryParameters type exposes the following members.

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Public method SPFileSaveBinaryParameters Initializes an instance of the SPFileSaveBinaryParameters class.

  Name Description
Public property CellStoragePartitionsToDelete Gets or sets the unique cell storage partition identifiers to delete as part of the file save operation.
Public property CheckInComment Gets or sets a comment about the checked-in file.
Public property CheckRequiredFields Indicates whether to check property values against the required fields, generating missing field errors where appropriate.
Public property CreateVersion Gets or sets a value that indicates whether a new version of the file should be created if versioning is enabled and valid.
Public property ETagMatch Gets or sets the ETag value that the current ETag of the file should match when saving the file.
Public property FileFormatMetaInfo Gets or sets the file format metainfo for the file.
Public property FileSizeToSave Gets and sets the amount of data to read from the stream and save, in bytes.
Public property LockIdMatch Gets or sets the LockId object for a file.
Public property OutETagNew Gets the ETag of the newly saved file.
Public property OutVirusCheckMessage Gets a message with information about a virus scan performed on the file.
Public property OutVirusCheckStatus Gets a value that describes the status of virus-checking on the file.
Public property PartitionsToDelete Gets or sets which partitions of the store to delete as part of the file save operation.
Public property RequireWebFilePermissions Gets or sets a Boolean variable that indicates if adding web files requires the Add and Customize Web Pages permission.
Public property ThrowOnVirusFound Gets or sets a value that indicates whether an exception should be thrown if a virus is found but not removed from the file.

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