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SPFieldUrlValue class
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SPFieldUrlValue class

Represents the value for an SPFieldUrl object.


Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

public class SPFieldUrlValue

The following example is a console application that demonstrates how an SPFieldUrlValue object can be used to get and set field values. The application searches the Links list for an item that contains a particular Url. If the list does not have a link to that Url, the application adds one.

using System;
using Microsoft.SharePoint;

namespace ConsoleApp
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            using (SPSite site = new SPSite("http://localhost"))
                using (SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb("test"))
                    // Get the Links list or create it if it does not exist.
                    SPList list = web.Lists.TryGetList("Links");

                    if (list == null || list.BaseTemplate != SPListTemplateType.Links)
                        // Create the list.
                        Guid listId = web.Lists.Add("Links", "A list of interesting Web pages.", SPListTemplateType.Links);
                        list = web.Lists.GetList(listId, false);

                    // Create a link field value.
                    SPFieldUrlValue msdnValue = new SPFieldUrlValue();
                    msdnValue.Description = "SharePoint Developer Center";
                    msdnValue.Url = "http://msdn.microsoft.com/sharepoint";

                    // Print the field value.
                    // Check if the list already has this link.
                    SPListItem msdnItem = null;
                    foreach (SPListItem item in list.Items)
                        Object rawValue = item[SPBuiltInFieldId.URL];
                        SPFieldUrlValue typedValue = new SPFieldUrlValue(rawValue.ToString());
                        if (typedValue.Url == msdnValue.Url)
                            msdnItem = item;
                            Console.WriteLine("Existing link.");

                    // If it does not...
                    if (msdnItem == null)
                        // Create a new list item and set the URL field value.
                        msdnItem = list.Items.Add();
                        msdnItem[SPBuiltInFieldId.URL] = msdnValue;

                        Console.WriteLine("Link added.");
            Console.Write("\nPress ENTER to continue....");

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.
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