This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

SPEventReceiverType Enumeration

Windows SharePoint Services 3

Specifies the type of event that has occurred for a Windows SharePoint Services object.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

public enum SPEventReceiverType

Member nameDescription
ItemAddingAn item is being added.
ItemUpdatingAn item is being updated.
ItemDeletingAn item is being deleted.
ItemCheckingInAn item is being checked in.
ItemCheckingOutAn item is being checked out.
ItemUncheckingOutAn item is being unchecked out.
ItemAttachmentAddingAn attachment is being added to the item.
ItemAttachmentDeletingAn attachment is being removed from the item.
ItemFileMovingA file is being moved.
FieldAddingA field is being added.
FieldUpdatingA field is being updated.
FieldDeletingA field is being removed.
SiteDeletingA site collection is being deleted.
WebDeletingA site is being deleted.
WebMovingA site is being moved.
ItemAddedAn item was added.
ItemUpdatedAn item was updated.
ItemDeletedAn item was deleted.
ItemCheckedInAn item was checked in.
ItemCheckedOutAn item was checked out.
ItemUncheckedOutAn item was unchecked out.
ItemAttachmentAddedAn attachment was added to the item.
ItemAttachmentDeletedAn attachment was removed from the item.
ItemFileMovedA file was moved.
ItemFileConvertedA file was converted.
FieldAddedA field was added.
FieldUpdatedA field was updated.
FieldDeletedA field was removed.
SiteDeletedA site collection was deleted.
WebDeletedA site was deleted.
WebMovedA site was moved.
EmailReceivedThe list received an e-mail message.
ContextEventThe list received a context event.