SPEventPropertiesBase members
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SPEventPropertiesBase members

Abstract base class that provides the event properties that are common to all event types. This class is never instantiated.

The SPEventPropertiesBase type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Cancel Obsolete. Gets or sets a Boolean value that indicates whether to cancel the event.
Public property ErrorMessage Gets or sets the error message that Microsoft SharePoint Foundation displays when an event is cancelled.
Public property EventType Gets the type of the event.
Protected property EventUserToken Represents the current user at the time the specified event is fired.
Public property OriginatingUserToken Gets the token of the user who makes the request.
Public property ReceiverData Gets a string that contains data about the event.
Public property RedirectUrl Obsolete. A URL to redirect to when the status of SPEventReceiverStatus is CancelWithRedirectUrl.
Public property SiteId Gets the site ID of the event.
Public property Status Gets or sets the status of trapping the event.

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