SPCurrencyFieldFormats enumeration

NOTE: This API is now obsolete.

Specifies the format to use in currency fields.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

<ObsoleteAttribute("This type is no longer supported and will be removed in a future release. The values of this enumeration do not reflect the complete set of supported currency formats.")> _
Public Enumeration SPCurrencyFieldFormats
Dim instance As SPCurrencyFieldFormats

Member nameDescription
Turkey2Obsolete. Locale ID=-1055   Format: 125 YTL
EuropeanUnion1Obsolete. Locale ID=-2   Format: 125 €
EuropeanUnion2Obsolete. Locale ID=-1   Format: € 125
SaudiArabiaObsolete. Locale ID=1025   Format: 125 .س.ر
TaiwanObsolete. Locale ID=1028   Format: NT$125
CzechRepublicObsolete. Locale ID=1029   Format: 125 Kč
DenmarkObsolete. Locale ID=1030   Format: kr 125
UnitedStatesObsolete. Locale ID=1033   Format: $125
IsraelObsolete. Locale ID=1037   Format: ₪125
HungaryObsolete. Locale ID=1038   Format: 125 Ft
JapanObsolete. Locale ID=1041   Format: ¥125
KoreaObsolete. Locale ID=1042   Format: ₩125
NorwayObsolete. Locale ID=1044   Format: kr 125
PolandObsolete. Locale ID=1045   Format: 125 zł
BrazilObsolete. Locale ID=1046   Format: R$ 125
RussiaObsolete. Locale ID=1049   Format: 125р.
SlovakiaObsolete. Locale ID=1051   Format: 125 Sk
SwedenObsolete. Locale ID=1053   Format: 125 kr
ThailandObsolete. Locale ID=1054   Format: ฿125
TurkeyObsolete. Locale ID=1055   Format: 125 TL
PakistanObsolete. Locale ID=1056   Format: Rs 125
SloveniaObsolete. Locale ID=1060   Format: 125 SIT
IranObsolete. Locale ID=1065   Format: 125 ريال
VietnamObsolete. Locale ID=1066   Format: 125 ₫
IndiaObsolete. Locale ID=1081   Format: रु 125
IraqObsolete. Locale ID=2049   Format: 125 .ع.د
PeoplesRepublicofChinaObsolete. Locale ID=2052   Format: ¥125
SwitzerlandObsolete. Locale ID=2055   Format: SFr. 125
UnitedKingdomObsolete. Locale ID=2057   Format: £125
MexicoObsolete. Locale ID=2058   Format: $125
EgyptObsolete. Locale ID=3073   Format: 125 .م.ج
HongKongSARObsolete. Locale ID=3076   Format: HK$125
AustraliaObsolete. Locale ID=3081   Format: $125
Canada1Obsolete. Locale ID=3084   Format: 125 $
LibyaObsolete. Locale ID=4097   Format: 125 .ل.د
SingaporeObsolete. Locale ID=4100   Format: $125
Canada2Obsolete. Locale ID=4105   Format: $125
GuatemalaObsolete. Locale ID=4106   Format: Q125
AlgeriaObsolete. Locale ID=5121   Format: 125 .ج.د
NewZealandObsolete. Locale ID=5129   Format: $125
CostaRicaObsolete. Locale ID=5130   Format: C125
MoroccoObsolete. Locale ID=6145   Format: 125 .م.د
PanamaObsolete. Locale ID=6154   Format: B/. 125
TunisiaObsolete. Locale ID=7169   Format: 125 .ت.د
SouthAfricaObsolete. Locale ID=7177   Format: R 125
DominicanRepublicObsolete. Locale ID=7178   Format: RD$125
OmanObsolete. Locale ID=8193   Format: 125 .ع.ر
VenezuelaObsolete. Locale ID=8202   Format: Bs 125
YemenObsolete. Locale ID=9217   Format: 125 .ي.ر
ColombiaObsolete. Locale ID=9226   Format: $ 125
SyriaObsolete. Locale ID=10241   Format: 125 .س.ل
PeruObsolete. Locale ID=10250   Format: S/. 125
JordanObsolete. Locale ID=11265   Format: 125 .ا.د
ArgentinaObsolete. Locale ID=11274   Format: $ 125
LebanonObsolete. Locale ID=12289   Format: 125 .ل.ل
EcuadorObsolete. Locale ID=12298   Format: S/. 125
KuwaitObsolete. Locale ID=13313   Format: 125 .ك.د
ChileObsolete. Locale ID=13322   Format: $ 125
UAEObsolete. Locale ID=14337   Format: 125 .إ.د
UruguayObsolete. Locale ID=14346   Format: $U 125
BahrainObsolete. Locale ID=15361   Format: 125 .ب.د
ParaguayObsolete. Locale ID=15370   Format: Gs 125
QatarObsolete. Locale ID=16385   Format: 125 .ق.ر
BoliviaObsolete. Locale ID=16394   Format: $b 125
ElSalvadorObsolete. Locale ID=17418   Format: C125
HondurasObsolete. Locale ID=18442   Format: L. 125
NicaraguaObsolete. Locale ID=19466   Format: C$ 125