SPCopyDestination Members

Represents a copy destination for a document on a SharePoint Web site.

The SPCopyDestination type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Collection Gets the collection of copy destinations associated with a document.
Public property Comment If the copy destination requires check out, gets or sets a check-in comment for the new version.
Public property CreatedBy Gets the user ID of the user who created the document.
Public property FolderUrl Gets the URL of the folder into which the item associated with the copy destination is copied.
Public property Id Gets the GUID of the SPCopyDestination object.
Public property LeafName Gets the file name used when copying to the copy destination, usually the same name as the source file.
Public property ModifiedBy Gets the user ID of the user who last modified the SPCopyDestination object.
Public property Type Gets or sets the way that the update prompt is displayed when managing the copy destination.
Public property Url Gets or sets the full URL of the copy destination.

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