This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Search.Query Namespace

Windows SharePoint Services 3

Public classAllNoiseQueryExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when a search query's terms are all noise words.
Public classFullTextSqlQueryRepresents a search query using the SearchSQL Syntax.
Public classInvalidPropertyExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when the search query contains a property that is not valid.
Public classKeywordInformationContains information about a keyword.
Public classKeywordQuery
Public classPropertyConstraint
Public classPropertyConstraintCollectionRepresents a collection of PropertyConstraint objects.
Public classPropertyInformationProvides information about a managed property.
Public classQueryThe base class for executing search queries using the Search query object model. Defines the properties and methods that are shared by the FullTextSqlQuery and KeywordQuery classes.
Public classQueryContainsOnlyExcludedTermsExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when the search query contains only excluded terms.
Public classQueryMalformedExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when a search query is not formed correctly.
Public classQueryService
Public classResultTableRepresents a distinct collection of search results returned for a query.
Public classResultTableCollectionRepresents a collection of ResultTable objects.
Public classScopeNotFoundExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when the scope name specified for a search query does not exist.
Public classSearchQueryExceptionProvides the base class for Search query exceptions.
Public classSearchServiceNotFoundExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when the search service is unavailable.
Public classSortDefines how the search results are sorted.
Public classSortCollectionRepresents a collection of Sort structures.

Public structureResultDefinition

Public enumerationCollapsingStatusDefines whether duplicate results are collapsed for Search queries results.
Public enumerationKeywordInclusionDefines the keyword inclusion values.
Public enumerationQueryAuthenticationTypeDefines the query authentication types supported in Search.
Public enumerationQueryHint
Public enumerationResultTypeDefines the result types for Search results.
Public enumerationSortDirectionDefines the sort direction values for ordering search results.