DeepRefinementType Enumeration

SharePoint 2010

Specifies deep refinement types for a managed property.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Search.Extended.Administration.Schema
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Search.Extended.Administration (in Microsoft.SharePoint.Search.Extended.Administration.dll)

public enum DeepRefinementType

Member nameDescription
DeepRefinementDisabledSpecifies to disable deep refinement for a managed property.
DeepRefinementEnabledSpecifies to enable deep refinement for a managed property.
LatentRefinementSpecifies that a managed property is prepared for deep refinement, but the feature is not active until the DeepRefinementType has been changed to DeepRefinementEnabled. In contrast to switching from DeepRefinementDisabled to DeepRefinementEnabled, this does not require reprocessing of data.