Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.WebControls Namespace

The Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.WebControls namespace contains classes that define the structure, appearance, and behavior of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Web controls. These include the console infrastructure; base fields and selector; and other container, display, display type, field, panels, state objects, and Web Parts that Office SharePoint Server 2007 delivers.

Public classAssetUrlSelectorRenders HTML input field and button or generates JavaScript that launches the Asset Picker dialog box used to select a link or image URL from a site collection.
Public classAuthoringContainerContainer control used to display or hide authoring components on a Web page, based on the current context.
Public classBaseRichFieldThe members of this namespace or class are reserved for internal use and not intended to be used directly from your code. .
Public classBaseRichSelectorThe members of this namespace or class are reserved for internal use and not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classBaseRichUrlFieldRepresents a field control for an image or link.
Public classCmsDataFormWebPartExtends the DataFormWebPart with features that are common to the Publishing Web Parts.
Public classConsoleDataSourceRepresents a hierarchical data source control consisting of a tree of ConsoleNode objects corresponding to console actions.
Public classConsoleDataSourceViewRepresents a saved view of a hierarchical data source.
Public classConsoleDesignerExtends the design-mode behavior of a Web server control.
Public classConsoleErrorDescribes a page error that resulted from authoring or editing operations.
Public classConsoleErrorDisplayControl used to display details of an error that has occurred during authoring or editing operations.
Public classConsoleNodeThe basic structure used to represent the Console menu. Each ConsoleNode object can optionally have child ConsoleNode objects and associated console ConsoleAction objects.
Public classConsoleNodeCollectionDerives from the abstract class CollectionBase to provide a ConsoleNode object collection class.
Public classConsoleVisibilityContainerContainer that governs whether contained controls are displayed, based on user preference and page state.
Public classContentByQueryToolPartGenerates a toolpane to assist users in customizing a content query Web Part.
Public classContentByQueryWebPartA Web Part object that is used to retrieve dynamic information.
Public classContentByQueryWebPartExceptionRepresents an error that occurs during ContentByQueryWebPart execution.
Public classDocumentLibraryFileExistValidatorVerifies whether a file already exists in the Document Library.
Public classEditModePanelProvides a container that shows or hides its child controls based on the mode of the page.
Public classFileExtensionValidatorValidates that the value of an input field ends in the specified file extension.
Public classHtmlEditorA server control that allows the user to edit HTML content inline.
Public classLastModifiedIndicatorIndicates the date that the current page was last modified.
Public classLayoutVariationsFieldControlRepresents a control whose data items are single lines of text specifying layout variations.
Public classLevelHierarchyDataSourceControl that is used by the LevelHierarchyWebPart to gather data.
Public classLevelHierarchyDataSourceViewRepresents a single (default) view of the LevelHierarchyDataSource class.
Public classLevelHierarchyToolPartExtended ToolPart class for Web Parts that are hierarchical.
Public classLevelHierarchyWebPartBase class for Web Parts that render hierarchical data using XSL style sheets.
Public classNewPageLayoutValidatorAggregatorControl used to validate input for creating new page layout in Master Page Gallery.
Public classPageLayoutValidatorValidator used to verify whether a page layout already exists in the master page gallery.
Public classPagePublishDateIndicatorControl that indicates the date that the current page either has gone live or will go live.
Public classPublishingButtonUser interface (UI) control that renders in the Web browser as a clickable button with Windows SharePoint Services publishing styles.
Public classPublishingContextAdding this control to a Publishing page creates input fields on the page that are important for authoring-related operations.
Public classPublishingMenuA user interface (UI) component that displays several actions that can be performed by authors in Windows SharePoint Services Publishing.
Public classPublishingPageStatusIndicatorControl that indicates the status of the current page.
Public classPublishingPageVersionIndicatorControl that indicates the version of the current page.
Public classPublishingPageVersionStyleIndicatorCascading style sheet (CSS) style name, based on the current version of the page.
Public classPublishingScheduleControlControl used to edit the ScheduledItem.StartDate or ScheduledItem.EndDate property of a ScheduledItem.
Public classPublishingScheduleFieldControlControl used to edit the ScheduledItem.StartDate or ScheduledItem.EndDate of a ScheduledItem.
Public classPublishingSiteActionsMenuCustomizerControl that adds custom actions for the Publishing feature to the Site Actions menu.
Public classQuickAccessMenuUser interface (UI) component that displays common actions that can be performed by authors in Windows SharePoint Services Publishing.
Public classRedirectControlServer control that redirects the current user to the URL specified in the RedirectURL field of the current page. This redirect happens only if the page is currently published and that user does not have rights to edit the page.
Public classRichHtmlFieldField control used to edit data in the HtmlField type fields.
Public classRichImageFieldField control object that you can use to edit data in ImageField type fields.
Public classRichImageSelectorSelects an image and sets its display properties.
Public classRichLinkFieldField control used for editing data in fields of the LinkField type.
Public classRichLinkSelectorProvides an edit control for selecting a hyperlink URL and setting its display properties.
Public classSaveBeforeNavigationControlPlacing this control on a Publishing page triggers saving the publishing page when that page is in Edit mode and the user attempts to navigate to another page.
Public classSpellCheckToolbarButtonToolbar button that launches spell checking in Windows SharePoint Services forms.
Public classSPUrlExpressionBuilderAn expression editor class that helps controls that are using this class to be displayed correctly.
Public classSPUrlExpressionEditorDefines a set of properties and methods for evaluating an expression that contains ~site, ~site and/or ~language that is associated with a control property at design time.
Public classSummaryLinkFieldControlWeb control that is associated with a SummaryLinkField.
Public classSummaryLinkToolbarTemporary AddSummaryLink control that renders a link to the AddSummaryLink page.
Public classSummaryLinkToolPartTool part class for the SummaryLinkWebPart.
Public classSummaryLinkWebPartDerived ASP.NET Web Part that is used to interact with SummaryLinks.
Public classSummaryLinkWebPartExceptionRepresents an error that occurs during SummaryLinkWebPart execution.
Public classTableOfContentsDataSourceA LevelHierarchyDataSource that is used to gather data for the TableOfContentsWebPart.
Public classTableOfContentsDataSourceViewProvides the view for the TableOfContentsDataSource.
Public classTableOfContentsToolPartTool pane that helps configure the Table of Contents Web Part.
Public classTableOfContentsWebPartRenders a hierarchical view of Web Parts and Web pages.
Public classValidatorAggregatorRepresents a list of validators for a control.
Public classVariationDataSourceRepresents the DataSource control that supplies data used to render the Variation Flag control.
Public classVariationsLabelEcbMenuA sample UI control that shows how to connect to the control to display a drop-down menu of the Variation peer links to the current Page.
Public classVariationsRootLandingDesignTimeThis class is embedded in "/_controlstemplates/VariationsRootLanding.ascx" to render some default design-time text for Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007.
Public classVariationsRootLandingRunTimeThis class is embedded in "/_controlstemplates/VariationsRootLanding.ascx" to render some default run-time text when Variations Root Landing logic in the ascx file did not redirect user to a Variation subsite.
Public classXmlConsoleDataSourceAn implementation of the XmlConsoleDataSource object that generates data that is based on a specially designed XML configuration file.

Public interfaceICompositeInputControlAn interface that can be implemented by composite controls. Used to create external controls that will allow easy access to the main input control of the child controls.

Public delegateContentByQueryWebPart.ProcessDataDelegate called to process data before the data is sent to the XSLT transformation.

Public enumerationAuthoringContainerDisplaysAudiences to which the contents of a given AuthoringContainer can be exposed.
Public enumerationAuthoringStatesThe current state of a page, used to determine whether or not a given ConsoleNode should be shown.
Public enumerationConfigMenuOptionsRepresents the actions that are performed on a specified ConsoleNode object when it is added to an existing ConsoleNodeCollection.
Public enumerationConsoleErrorDisplayTypeThe format in which a ConsoleErrorDisplay control object is renders itself.
Public enumerationConsoleVisibilityStatesThis bitmask represents the conditions under which the contents of a ConsoleVisibilityContainer object are displayed.
Public enumerationContentByQueryWebPart.FilterChainingOperatorSpecifies how to combine the filters.
Public enumerationContentByQueryWebPart.FilterFieldQueryOperatorFilter operator for each query triplet.
Public enumerationContentByQueryWebPart.QueryScopeSpecifies the source scope.
Public enumerationContentByQueryWebPart.SortDirectionPossible sort direction for SortBy and GroupBy Web Part properties.
Public enumerationPageDisplayModeSpecifies a page Display mode used by the control.
Public enumerationPublishingMenuDisplayStyleDisplay style for this Publishing menu.
Public enumerationTableOfContentsWebPart.NavigationSortOptionProvides constants to specify a sort field.
Public enumerationTableOfContentsWebPart.SortDirectionThe possible sort direction for Web Parts and Web pages.
Public enumerationVariationsLabelMenuConfigurationProvides various configurations for Label Menu control links.

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