PublishingWeb.AllowAllPageLayouts method

Resets the available PageLayout objects on this PublishingWeb to the complete set of layouts.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing (in Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.dll)

public void AllowAllPageLayouts(
	bool resetAllSubsitesToInherit


Type: System.Boolean

This Boolean parameter indicates whether the available PageLayout objects are pushed down to all subsites.


The current user does not have sufficient permissions to perform this action.

After calling this method, the GetAvailablePageLayouts method returns the complete set of PageLayout objects. The IsInheritingAvailablePageLayouts property is set to false. The IsAllowingAllPageLayouts property is set to True.

After calling this method, you should call the Update method to save the changes.


This operation is synchronous.