TaxonomyNavigationContext members

SharePoint 2013

Reports information about processing the TaxonomyNavigation feature during the current HTTP request.

The TaxonomyNavigationContext type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method TaxonomyNavigationContext Initializes a new instance of a TaxonomyNavigationContext object to be associated with a specific HttpContext object.

  Name Description
Public property CatalogUrlSegments Returns additional URL segments that define the catalog key.
Public property Static member Current Gets an instance of a TaxonomyNavigationContext object that is associated with the current HTTP request that is based on the Current property.
Public property FriendlyUrlTerm Gets a NavigationTerm object if one exists and is set to FriendlyUrl.
Public property HasCatalogUrl Gets a value that indicates whether the context NavigationTerm object has a catalog friendly URL.
Public property HasFriendlyUrl Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether the taxonomy navigation context has a friendly URL.
Public property HasNavigationContext Gets a value that indicates whether the current T:Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Navigation.TaxonomyNavigationContext object has a navigation term.
Public property NavigationTerm Gets the context navigation term for the current HTTP request.
Public property ResolvedDisplayUrl Gets the friendly URL or catalog friendly URL for the current request in server-relative format without URL query parameters.
Public property RewrittenCatalogUrlSegments Gets catalog friendly URL segments that were assigned as part of a URL rewriting operation for a catalog-friendly URL.
Public property RewrittenNavigationTerm Gets a NavigationTerm object that was assigned as part of a URL rewriting operation for a friendly URL or a catalog-friendly URL.

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Public method SetNavigationTerm Assigns explicitly the NavigationTerm property and the CatalogUrlSegments property when the current request URL is not a friendly URL.
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