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ProxySiteMapNode properties

The ProxySiteMapNode type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Protected property Attributes (Inherited from SiteMapNode.)
Public property Audience Gets a string that represents the audience to display the ProxySiteMapNode object to. (Overrides PortalSiteMapNode.Audience.)
Public property ChildNodes (Inherited from SiteMapNode.)
Public property CreatedDate Gets a value that specifies the creation date for this ProxySiteMapNode object. (Overrides PortalSiteMapNode.CreatedDate.)
Public property Description Gets or sets a description for the ProxySiteMapNode. (Overrides SiteMapNode.Description.)
Public property HasChildNodes Gets a value that indicates whether this PortalSiteMapNode object has children. (Inherited from PortalSiteMapNode.)
Public property InternalTitle The title of the SPNavigationSiteMapNode without HTML encoding, even if encoding is specified on the associated PortalSiteMapProvider. (Inherited from SPNavigationSiteMapNode.)
Public property InternalUrl Gets the internal or canonical URL for this ProxySiteMapNode object. (Overrides PortalSiteMapNode.InternalUrl.)
Public property IsExternal Gets a value the indicates whether or not this node represents an "external" SPNavigationNode. (Inherited from SPNavigationSiteMapNode.)
Public property IsVisible Gets a value that indicates whether this ProxySiteMapNode object should be displayed in navigation. (Overrides PortalSiteMapNode.IsVisible.)
Public property Item (Inherited from SiteMapNode.)
Public property Key (Inherited from SiteMapNode.)
Public property LastModifiedDate Gets the date and time of the last modification for this ProxySiteMapNode object. (Overrides PortalSiteMapNode.LastModifiedDate.)
Public property NextSibling (Inherited from SiteMapNode.)
Public property NodeId Gets the identifier (ID) of the SPNavigationNode that this node represents. (Inherited from SPNavigationSiteMapNode.)
Public property ParentNode (Inherited from SiteMapNode.)
Public property PortalProvider Gets a new instance of the PortalSiteMapNode() object when the current PortalSiteMapNode object is invalidated. (Inherited from PortalSiteMapNode.)
Public property PreviousSibling (Inherited from SiteMapNode.)
Public property Provider (Inherited from SiteMapNode.)
Public property ReadOnly (Inherited from SiteMapNode.)
Public property ReferencedNode Gets the CachedObjectSiteMapNode property that this node wraps or references.
Public property ResourceKey (Inherited from SiteMapNode.)
Public property Roles (Inherited from SiteMapNode.)
Public property RootNode (Inherited from SiteMapNode.)
Public property Target Gets a string representing the _target property on the link rendered to represent this PortalSiteMapNode object. (Inherited from PortalSiteMapNode.)
Public property Title Gets or sets the title of the ProxySiteMapNode object. (Overrides SPNavigationSiteMapNode.Title.)
Public property Type Gets the type of this PortalWebSiteNode object. (Inherited from PortalSiteMapNode.)
Public property Url Gets or sets the URL of the page that the ProxySiteMapNode object represents. (Overrides SiteMapNode.Url.)
Public property WebId Gets the GUID of the PortalWebSiteMapNode object to which this ProxySiteMapNode object is associated. (Overrides PortalSiteMapNode.WebId.)
Public property WebNode Gets a new instance of the PortalWebSiteMapNode() object when the current PortalWebSiteMapNode instance is invalidated. (Inherited from PortalSiteMapNode.)
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