Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Navigation Namespace

The Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Navigation namespace contains classes that represent the node, typing, collection, data source, provider, and proxy functionality that supports Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 navigation.

Public classCachedObjectSiteMapNodeBase class for any node types, based on cached representations of Windows SharePoint Services objects.
Public classNavigationComparerImplements the generic IComparer interface that can sort PortalSiteMapNodes for a given locale by title or date, and by ascending or descending order,
Public classPortalHierarchicalDataSourceViewHierarchicalDataSourceView used by the PortalSiteMapDataSource class.
Public classPortalHierarchicalEnumerableIHierarchicalEnumerable implementation used by the PortalSiteMapDataSource class.
Public classPortalHierarchyDataIHierachyData implementation used by PortalSiteMapDataSource class.
Public classPortalListItemSiteMapNodeThe PortalSiteMapNode class for list items.
Public classPortalListSiteMapNodeLists derived from the PortalSiteMapNode class.
Public classPortalSiteMapDataSourceASP.NET hierarchical data source that is used with the PortalSiteMapProvider class.
Public classPortalSiteMapNodeSpecifies the base class for the nodes returned by the PortalSiteMapProvider object.
Public classPortalSiteMapProviderProvides PortalSiteMapNode objects that represent a merging of the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0SPNavigation store and dynamic site structure, including sites and pages.
Public classPortalWebSiteMapNodeRepresents Web sites (sometimes known as sites or subsites, but not to be confused with site collections) that are included in the navigation.
Public classProxySiteMapNodeClass derived from the PortalSiteMapNode class. Used to wrap nodes of type CachedObjectSiteMapNode.
Public classSPNavigationSiteMapNodeRepresents nodes that are backed by an SPNavigationNode class.

Public enumerationPortalNavigationTypeOptions that specify where the provider should get its SPNavigationNode links from and which include or hide settings to respect.
Public enumerationPortalSiteMapProvider.IncludeOptionTypes that specify the site map provider's inclusion behavior for Web sites and Web pages.

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