Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Administration Namespace

Creates content deployment configuration, path, and job classes; and migration profiling and support.

Public classContentDeploymentConfigurationManages details about a content deployment job.
Public classContentDeploymentEventArgsEncapsulates content deployment event data.
Public classContentDeploymentExceptionRepresents an exception that is thrown during a content deployment operation.
Public classContentDeploymentJobDefines details of a content deployment job.
Public classContentDeploymentJobCollectionRepresents a collection of Content Deployment Jobs.
Public classContentDeploymentJobOverrideSettingsThe members of this namespace or class are reserved for internal use and not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classContentDeploymentJobReportRepresents the report for a Content Deployment job.
Public classContentDeploymentJobReportCollectionRepresents a collection of Content Deployment Report objects.
Public classContentDeploymentPathDescribes a content deployment path. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classContentDeploymentPathCollectionRepresents a collection of Content Deployment Path objects.
Public classContentMigrationMigrates content from Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classContentMigrationExceptionRepresents an exception that happens during content migration.
Public classContentMigrationSettingsContains the migration settings. Use this class to define how to run the content migration.
Public classDeploymentStatusIndicates the incremental DeploymentStatus for a single object.
Public classDeploymentStatusDictionaryRepresents a collection of DeploymentStatus objects. These represent the deployment status of individual Web sites or scopes that are deployed within a specific content deployment path.
Public classJobReportBaseThis class describes the historical information about a content deployment or content migration job.
Public classMigrationProfileDescribes the profile that defines a content migration. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classMigrationReportContains report data for one migration run.
Public classMigrationReportCollectionA collection of migration reports.
Public classProgressEventArgsContains event data about content migration.
Public classReportMessageThe ReportMessage object is the base class for report messaging.

Public enumerationAuthenticationTypeDefines which authentication type is used to access the source database.
Public enumerationContentDeploymentJobStatusEnumerates possible status values for the content deployment job.
Public enumerationContentDeploymentJobTypeEnumerates possible values for the type of content deployment job.
Public enumerationContentDeploymentNotificationSettingsEnumerates settings that are available for content deployment notifications.
Public enumerationContentMigrationTypeDefines whether the migration is the first content migration, an incremental migration after the last migration, or an incremental migration after a specified user-input time.
Public enumerationEmailOptionsDefines the conditions that will cause content migration e-mail results to be sent out.
Public enumerationJobReportTypeEnumerates Job Report types.
Public enumerationMessageSeverityEnumerates the message severity levels.
Public enumerationMigrationDestinationTypeDefines whether migration is export only, import only, or export and import.
Public enumerationMigrationStatusRepresents the current status of the migration.
Public enumerationPreMigrationAnalysisModeDefines whether pre-migration analysis mode should be run with migration, should be run by itself without migration, or should be skipped and migration should be run without analysis mode.
Public enumerationTemporaryFilesOptionDefines whether temporary files are retained or deleted when migration is finished.

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