SPMobileMessageServiceErrorCode Enumeration

Specifies the type of error (or success signal) received from a request to a Web service that provides messaging to mobile devices.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.MobileMessage
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

public enum SPMobileMessageServiceErrorCode

Member nameDescription
SuccessValid XML was received from the Web service in response to a request.
WebConnectFailureThe remote service point could not be contacted at the transport level.
WebMessageLengthLimitExceededA message was received that exceeded the specified limit when sending a request or receiving a response from the server.
WebNameResolutionFailureThe name resolver service could not resolve the host name.
WebProtocolErrorThe response received from the server was complete but indicated a protocol-level error. For example, an HTTP protocol error such as 401 Access Denied would use this status.
WebProxyNameResolutionFailureThe name resolver service could not resolve the proxy host name.
WebReceiveFailureA complete response was not received from the remote server.
WebRequestProhibitedByProxyThis request was not permitted by the proxy.
WebSecureChannelFailureAn error occurred while establishing a connection using SSL.
WebSendFailureA complete request could not be sent to the remote server.
WebTimeoutNo response was received during the time-out period for a request.
WebTrustFailureA server certificate could not be validated.
SoapVersionMismatchFaultAn invalid namespace for a SOAP envelope was found.
SoapMustUnderstandFaultA SOAP element marked with the MustUnderstand attribute was not processed.
SoapClientFaultA client call was not formatted correctly or did not contain the appropriate information.
SoapServerFaultAn error occurred during the processing of a client call on the server, however, the problem is not due to the message contents.
UnknownErrorAn exception of unknown type has occurred.
InvalidResponseA validation failure of the response XML received from the Web service.

This enumeration is primarily used as the value of the SPMobileMessageServiceResponse.ErrorCode property. Errors may represent communication or connection failures of various sorts or invalid XML received from the Web service.