SPMobileMessageDeliveryCode enumeration

Specifies whether a request to an Office Mobile Service (OMS) messaging Web service succeeded and, if not, why not.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.MobileMessage
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

public enum SPMobileMessageDeliveryCode

Member nameDescription
SucceededThe request succeeded.
ServiceUpdatedThe service’s properties have been updated.
InvalidUserThe sender’s user ID or password is invalid.
UnregisteredUserThe user is not registered for the requested service.
ExpiredUserThe user’s account with the service provider has expired.
UnregisteredServiceThe request was for a service to which the user does not subscribe.
InvalidRecipientOne or more recipients are not valid or not recognized.
CrossCarrierOne or more message recipients are from a carrier that is not supported by the sender’s carrier.
InvalidCharThe message subject or body contains characters or words that are not allowed by local policy or not supported by the service provider.
InvalidMediaThe message includes invalid or unsupported media. Applies to only MMS messages.
PerDayMessageLimitThe message would exceed the sender’s daily message quota.
PerMonthMessageLimitThe message would exceed the sender’s monthly message quota.
PerBatchMessageLimitThe request was to send a batch of messages but the service provider’s limit on the number of messages in a batch is exceeded.
LengthLimitThe message exceeds the service’s allowed maximum length for SMS messages.
SizeLimitThe message exceeds the service’s maximum size limit on MMS messages.
SlidesLimitThe message has more slides than the service allows in MMS messages.
InvalidFormatThe request contains an invalid or unrecognized XMS data format.
ServiceNetworkThe service encountered a networking problem.
NoScheduledThe request was for sending a message a specified time but scheduled messaging is not supported. (The message is sent immediately so this is kind of a success indicator.)
LowBalanceThe sender’s account balance is too low to cover the cost of the message.
CeasedServiceThe service is no longer offered by its provider.
UnknownErrorAn unspecified error occurred.

The request is not necessarily a request to send a message. It could also be, for example, an infoUser request to get information about a user of the service.