SerializeMode Enumeration

Specifies which elements of the configuration and data of the grid will be serialized.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.JSGrid
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

public enum SerializeMode

Member nameDescription
Full Serialize a slice of rows, the entire view map, auto-filter values, column information, Gantt information, and page initialization information.

The Full serialize mode is intended to be used the first time you are populating a given JS Grid control instance.

TableViewSerializes a slice of rows, the entire view map, auto-filter values, column information and Gantt information.

The TableView essentially consists of a slice of rows the necessary column information, including; the entire view map, autofilter values, and column and gantt information. The TableView is useful when you are changing views.

RowViewSerialize a slice of rows, the entire view map, and auto-filter values.

The RowView serialize mode is used when you are just changing the set of rows on screen - not the columns. Generally used for sorting, grouping, and filtering operations.

Slice Serialize a slice of rows.

Use the Slice serialize mode to get additional rows of data when you are keeping the order of rows and columns constant.

AutoFilter Serialize the auto-filter values.

Use the AutoFilter serialize mode when the user makes an edit on a column and then expands the autofilter dropdown.

This code snippet demonstrates using the SerializeMode to create a grid serializer. The complete code, including the definitions of the included field and column data, is found in How to: Create a Basic JS Grid Control.

//create a grid serializer to connect to data
GridSerializer gds = new GridSerializer(SerializeMode.Full,
    data, "Key", new FieldOrderCollection(new String[] { "Department" }),
    GridUtilities.GetGridFields(data), GridUtilities.GetGridColumns(data));