GanttBarStyle class

SharePoint 2013

Defines a Gantt bar style for use in a JSGrid control Gantt chart.


Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.JSGrid
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

public class GanttBarStyle : IJsonSerializable

For each record set, there is a small group of bar styles. Each task has a list of styles that apply to it. For example, if the task is a normal task, it has two styles that can apply to it: Normal and Normal Progress. If the task is a Milestone task, it has only one style applied to it. The overall look of a Gantt bar may be the composition of a number of bar styles.

This example demonstrates how to create a Gantt bar.

/*Standard Bar Style*/
  styleInfoObj.AddBarStyle(new GanttBarStyle(
  CustomBarStyle.Standard, BarShape.Full, Color.Blue, BarPattern.Empty,
  BarEndShape.None, Color.Black, BarShapePattern.Filled,
  BarEndShape.None, Color.Black, BarShapePattern.Filled,
  "Start Date", "Finish Date", 1));

For more information, refer to How to: Create a Gantt Chart Using JS Grid.

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