TaxonomyNavigation class

SharePoint Online

Provides common operations related to the managed navigation feature, friendly URLs, and the taxonomy navigation cache.


Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Publishing.Navigation
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Publishing (in Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Publishing.dll)

public static class TaxonomyNavigation

The managed navigation feature enables the navigation menu for a website to be modeled by using a taxonomy TermSet object, as well as by providing a model for implementing friendly URLs for the website. The main classes for this feature are TaxonomyTermSetProvider, which drives the navigation menus; NavigationTermSet, which extends the taxonomy TermSet class with additional navigation-related properties, and the WebNavigationSettings class, which configures the settings. The TaxonomyNavigation static class provides additional general operations that are related to this feature.

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