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Authenticator members

Authenticator members

SharePoint 2013

Provides methods to authenticate the user on a SharePoint site This is the base class for all the supported authentication types on Windows Phone

The Authenticator type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AllowSmartRouting If UAG server url is specified and SmartRouting is true, authenticator tries to connect to SharePoint server directly as well as via UAG. The URL which responds first will be used for communication. (directly connecting to intranet URLs can be useful if device is inside intranet). If the property is set to false, connection to SharePoint server is always made via UAG. If UAG server URL is not specified, the property is simply ignored. Default value of the property is true.
Public property AuthenticationMode Event that gets fired to return the authentication result. The event will be fired in case of both success and failure and the user of the API would need to check the Error state of the object in the event handler (Overrides AuthenticatorBase.AuthenticationMode.)
Public property CookieCachingEnabled Gets or Sets a value that specifies whether the Cookies would be stored in the storage cache.
Public property Domain Provides access to the domain associated with the Credential.
Public property FederationPassiveAuthUri
Public property NavigateBackAfterAuthentication Gets or Sets a flag to specify if the API should Navigate Back from the Login Page.
Public property Password Provides access to the password associated with the Credential.
Public property PromptOnFailure Gets or Sets a flag to prompt the user for username and password in case the authentication fails.
Public property Status Gets the initialization status of this url. (Overrides AuthenticatorBase.Status.)
Public property UagServerUrl Gets or Sets the UAG server url. Authenticate method has to be called after setting the UAG server url.
Public property UserName Provides access to the username associated with the Credential.

  Name Description
Public method Static member ClearAllApplicationSettings Clears all the Settings stored in the Cache This includes the cookies, credentials and the settings from UAG server.
Public method Static member ClearAllCookies Clears all the stored cookies and authentication information from the storage cache.
Public method Static member ClearAllCredentials Clears all the stored Credentials and authentication information from the storage cache.
Public method GetCredential Gets the NetworkCredential for the specified Uri. (Overrides AuthenticatorBase.GetCredential(Uri, String).)
Public method Static member IsRequestUnauthorized Checks if the ExecuteQueryAsync request had failed due to invalid cookie or credentials.
Public method ToString (Inherited from Object.)
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