BdcServiceApplication properties

The BdcServiceApplication type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property ApplicationClassId Gets the unique class identifier for this application instance. (Overrides SPServiceApplication.ApplicationClassId.)
Public property ApplicationVersion Gets the version of the BDC service application. (Overrides SPServiceApplication.ApplicationVersion.)
Public property Database Gets the BDC database service object.
Protected property DefaultEndpointName Gets the default endpoint name. Always returns “http”. (Overrides SPIisWebServiceApplication.DefaultEndpointName.)
Protected property InstallPath Gets the install path. (Overrides SPIisWebServiceApplication.InstallPath.)
Public property ManageLink Gets the link of the user interface for administration that is used to manage the service application. (Overrides SPServiceApplication.ManageLink.)
Public property PropertiesLink Gets the administration user interface link that is used to view or edit the properties of the service application. (Overrides SPServiceApplication.PropertiesLink.)
Public property RevertToSelfAllowed Gets or set a value that indicates whether reverting to process identity is enabled as an authentication mode for BDC connectors.
Public property SqlConnectionRetries Gets or sets the maximum number of connection attempts to the database if database operations fail because of a failure to acquire necessary resources.
Public property TypeName Gets the user-friendly name used to describe the service application in the administration user interface. (Overrides SPPersistedObject.TypeName.)
Protected property VirtualPath Gets the virtual path. Always returns "BdcService.svc". (Overrides SPIisWebServiceApplication.VirtualPath.)