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Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationRuntime namespace

Provides classes and interfaces that enable customization of some aspects of the run-time behavior of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation, such as caching behavior and culture setup.

  Class Description
Public class SharePointHandler Provides static methods for getting references to the safe controls of a site and testing a control for safety.
Public class SPHttpApplication Processes requests for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation pages, controls, Web services, and other resources that are associated with a particular SharePoint Foundation application on the Internet Information Server (IIS).
Public class SPSafeControls Provides checks against the Sharepoint SafeControls list.

  Interface Description
Public interface IRequiresCultureInfo Enables a page to bypass the default culture setup of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.
Public interface IVaryByCustomHandler Provides a method that enables you to vary the output retrieved from a cache depending on the values of properties of the HttpContext of the current request and the properties of the current HttpApplication.
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