SPSolutionOperationResult enumeration

Provides enumeration members that are used to represent the result of the last operation. This enumeration is additionally used in the IsOperationResultError method.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

public enum SPSolutionOperationResult

Member nameDescription
NoOperationPerformedNo operation was performed on this solution.
RetractionSucceededThe solution files were successfully retracted from the computers.
DeploymentSucceededThe solution files were successfully deployed to the computers.
RetractionWarningsOccurredSome warnings occurred during the retraction of the solution files from the computers.
DeploymentWarningsOccurredOne or more warnings occurred during the deployment of the solution files to the computers.
DeploymentFailedCabExtractionAn error occurred during the extraction of the cabinet file in the solution.
DeploymentSolutionValidationFailedThe solution could not be validated. Invalid solution.
DeploymentFailedFileCopyA file could not be copied during deployment.
DeploymentFailedFeatureInstallThe files were successfully copied but a feature could not be installed in the system.
RetractionFailedCouldNotRemoveFileA file could not be removed from the computer during the retraction process.
RetractionFailedCouldNotRemoveFeatureA feature could not be uninstalled during the retraction process.
DeploymentFailedCalloutThe deployment callout function returned an error code.

Note that the poorest result is always stored in the LastOperationStatus property. This value is updated from multiple computers. In other words, if an operation fails on one computer, status should not be updated to a value that indicates success on another computer. This enumeration therefore includes, in order, members that indicate success, members that indicate warnings and, lastly, members that indicate errors.

The value of the last solution deployment or retraction operation must be synchronized with the user interface (UI). This is because the UI uses this value to generate error messages.