SPServer properties

The SPServer type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Address Gets or sets the primary server address, which can be an IP address or a computer name.
Public property CacheHostApproachingThrottlingThresholdPercentage Gets or sets the approaching throttling threshold for a cache host in percentage.
Public property CanUpgrade Gets a value that indicates whether the object can be upgraded. (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public property DeploymentLocked (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property DisplayName Gets the display name that describes the persisted object instance within the administrative user interface. (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property EncodedServerId Gets the server encoded ID.
Public property Farm Gets the server farm where the object resides. (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property Id Gets or sets the GUID that is associated with the object. (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property IsBackwardsCompatible Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the current object is backward compatible. (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public property IsSqlAzure
Public property Static member Local Gets the local server where the object model code is running, which must be joined to the server farm.
Public property Static member LocalServerRole Gets the role of the local server.
Public property Name Gets or sets a name that is used to uniquely identify two objects that have the same parent and class. (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property NeedsUpgrade Gets or sets a Boolean value that specifies whether the object needs to be upgraded. (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public property NeedsUpgradeIncludeChildren Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether the object should be upgraded, considering the children of the object. (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public property Parent Gets the parent in the logical hierarchy of the configuration object tree. (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property Properties Gets metadata for the persisted object. (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property Role Gets the role of the server.
Public property ServiceInstances Gets the collection of service instances that are installed on the server.
Public property ShouldDeferUpgradeActions (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public property Status Gets or sets the status of the object that the class represents. (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property TypeName Gets the type and name of the server. (Overrides SPPersistedObject.TypeName.)
Public property UpgradeContext Gets the SPUpgradeContext for the current upgrade operation. (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public property UpgradedPersistedProperties Gets the collection of field names and values for fields that were deleted or changed. (Inherited from SPAutoSerializingObject.)
Public property Version Gets a value that is incremented each time the object is updated. (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Protected property WasCreated Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether the object is initialized and can be found in the database. (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)