SPScenarioContext methods

The SPScenarioContext type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method ClearDataFromSessionState Clears all session state data for the current scenario context.
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Public method Static member GetContext Static method to get the SPScenarioContext object associated with the specified page for the specified culture. If a context object does not yet exist, one is initialized and stored in the session-state object.
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Public method PersistDataToSessionState Persists the name/value pair to the session state for this scenario context.
Public method RetrieveDataFromSessionState Retrieves data from the session state for this scenario context by using the key.
Public method SessionStateContainsData Determines if the specified key is contained in the scenario context's session state.
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Public method TransitionToCancelPage Transitions to the cancel state in this scenario context.
Public method TransitionToNextPage Transitions to the next state in this scenario context.