SPRequestManagementRuleCriteria members

SharePoint 2013

Represents the object that can be used to read a particular header value from a request, and match that value against a value using a specified match type.

The SPRequestManagementRuleCriteria type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method SPRequestManagementRuleCriteria Initializes a new default instance of the SPRequestManagementRuleCriteria class.

  Name Description
Public property CaseSensitive Gets or sets a Boolean value that indicates if this rule should be evaluated with case sensitivity.
Public property CustomHeaderName Gets or sets the custom header to look for if the PropertyType is set to PropertyType.CustomHeader.
Public property MatchType Gets or sets the match type to use in matching.
Public property PropertyType Gets or sets the property to match against.
Public property Value Gets or sets the value to use in matching.

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