Microsoft.ServiceModel.DomainServices.Hosting Namespace

Provides classes for creating service endpoints and enabling tracing.

The classes in this namespace are only available in the WCF RIA Services Toolkit. You can download the toolkit from the WCF RIA Services download site.

InMemoryTraceListenerProvides an implementation of TraceListener that collects WCF traces in memory.
JsonEndpointFactoryRepresents a JSON endpoint factory for domain services.
SoapQueryBehaviorA SOAP endpoint behavior which injects a message inspector that parses query headers.
SoapXmlEndpointFactoryRepresents a SOAP with XML encoding endpoint factory for domain services.
TracingDomainServiceEndpointFactoryRepresents a tracing endpoint factory for a DomainServiceHost.
WcfTraceServiceProvides an implemention of a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) REST service that exposes WCF traces collected by InMemoryTraceListener as an ATOM feed or an XML document.