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TopicDescription.AutoDeleteOnIdle Property

Gets or sets the TimeSpan idle interval after which the topic is automatically deleted. The minimum duration is 5 minutes.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging
Assembly:  Microsoft.ServiceBus (in Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll)

Public Property AutoDeleteOnIdle As TimeSpan
Dim instance As TopicDescription
Dim value As TimeSpan

value = instance.AutoDeleteOnIdle

instance.AutoDeleteOnIdle = value

Property Value

Type: System.TimeSpan
The auto delete on idle time span for the topic.

The topic is deleted if no send operation is performed for this topic, and no receive operation is performed for any subscriptions to the topic, for the duration specified in the AutoDeleteOnIdle property.

TopicDescription topicDescription = new TopicDescription("myTopic");
topicDescription.AutoDeleteOnIdle = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(30);

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