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BrokeredMessageProperty Class

Represents the property bag for a BrokeredMessage.


Namespace:  Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging
Assembly:  Microsoft.ServiceBus (in Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll)

public sealed class BrokeredMessageProperty : IMessageProperty

The BrokeredMessageProperty type exposes the following members.

Public methodBrokeredMessagePropertyInitializes a new instance of the BrokeredMessageProperty class.

Public propertyContentTypeGets or sets the type of the content.
Public propertyCorrelationIdGets or sets the identifier of the correlation.
Public propertyDeliveryCountGets the number of deliveries that have been made to deliver this message.
Public propertyEnqueuedTimeUtcGets or sets the date and time of the sent time in UTC.
Public propertyExpiresAtUtcGets the date and time in UTC at which the message is set to expire.
Public propertyForcePersistenceGets or sets whether to force persistence on this property.
Public propertyLabelGets or sets the application specific label.
Public propertyLockedUntilUtcGets the date and time in UTC until which the message will be locked in the queue/subscription.
Public propertyLockTokenGets the lock token assigned by Service Bus to the message.
Public propertyMessageGets the brokered message.
Public propertyMessageIdGets or sets the identifier of the message.
Public propertyPartitionKeyGets or sets a partition key for sending a transactional message to a queue or topic that is not session-aware.
Public propertyPropertiesGets the properties of the brokered message.
Public propertyReplyToGets or sets the address of the queue to reply to.
Public propertyReplyToSessionIdGets or sets the session identifier to reply to.
Public propertyScheduledEnqueueTimeUtcGets or sets the date and time in UTC at which the message will be enqueued.
Public propertySequenceNumberGets the unique number assigned to a message by the Service Bus.
Public propertySessionIdGets or sets the identifier of the session.
Public propertyTimeToLiveGets or sets the message’s time to live value. This is the duration after which the message expires, starting from when the message is sent to the Service Bus.Messages older than their TimeToLive value will expire and no longer be retained in the message store. Subscribers will be unable to receive expired messages.
Public propertyToGets or sets the send to address.
Public propertyViaPartitionKeyGets or sets a partition key value when a transaction is to be used to send messages via a transfer queue.

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Public fieldStatic memberNameThe name used for applying the property bag to a Message when sending a message.

Explicit interface implemetationPrivate methodIMessageProperty.CreateCopyCreates a copy of the current instance of brokered message.

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