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Microsoft.ServiceBus.Management Namespace

The Microsoft.ServiceBus.Management namespace provides classes used to manage Service Bus.

  Class Description
Public class ConnectionDetail Represents the details associated with the service bus connection.
Public class FarmCertificateInfo Represents the details of the certificate associated with the service bus farm.
Public class MessagingSKU Provides SKU for the messaging.
Public class MessagingSKUPlan Represents a messaging SKU plan.
Public class Metric Represents the metric used to monitor the Service Bus status.
Public class MetricRollup Represents the rollup data for Service Bus metrics.
Public class MetricValue Represents the value of a metric associated with the service bus.
Public class NamespaceAvailability Represents the availability of the given service namespace.
Public class NamespaceDescription Defines the desired semantics for a service namespace.
Public class NamespaceEntityStats Represents the attributes of a namespace entity.
Public class NotificationHubBillingPlan
Public class NotificationHubBillingTier
Public class NotificationHubBillingUsage
Public class NotificationHubPlan Represents a notification hub plan.
Public class NotificationHubPnsCredentials Represents the PNS credential associated with the notification hub.
Public class NotificationHubSKU Provides SKU for notification hub.
Public class PortalManagementAddress Represents the address for the portal management.
Public class Property Represents the service bus property.
Public class RegionCodeDescription Represents the description associated with the region code for the Service bus.
Public class UsageCredit Represents the usage credit management.
Public class UserValidationResult Represents the result associated with user validation.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration BillingTier
Public enumeration CertificateType Specifies the types of certificate used in the management of Service Bus for Windows Server farm.
Public enumeration NamespaceState Enumerates the different namespace states.
Public enumeration NamespaceType Specifies the type of namespace to be created (messaging, notification hub, or mixed).
Public enumeration NotificationHubSKUType Specifies an enumeration of type for notification hub SKU.
Public enumeration PortalResourceType Enumerates the types of portal resource.
Public enumeration UnavailableReason Specifies the reason for the unavailability of the service.

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