Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight Namespace

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change in future releases. Blank topics are included as placeholders.]

The Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight namespace provides classes that enable Silverlight-based applications written in dynamic languages. Use the DynamicApplication class to gain access to visual elements from your dynamic language code. The DynamicApplication class also is used by the Silverlight host to start a dynamic language application.

Currently, most of the classes and members in the Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight namespace are for use by the Silverlight host, and not by application code.

BrowserScriptHostInfrastructure. Provides a script host for use in the browser.
DynamicApplication Represents an application object for dynamic language applications, and provides the entry point for the application.
DynamicApplication.ConfigFileExceptionInfrastructure. The exception that is thrown when an error occurs parsing the host configuration file.
FrameworkElementExtensionInfrastructure. Supports the injection of child XAML element names as properties, allowing them to be used in dynamic language code.
HtmlDocumentExtensionInfrastructure. Supports the injection of a property into the HtmlDocument object for each element ID.
HtmlElementExtensionInfrastructure. Supports the injection of properties for getting and setting the attributes of an HTMLElement.