This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

SignalingTransitionReason Enumeration

Enumerates the possible reasons for signaling state transitions.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Rtc.Signaling
Assembly:  Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration (in Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.dll)

public enum SignalingTransitionReason

Member nameDescription
NoneNo reason or unknown reason.
DeclinedThe session or participant declined.
CanceledThe operation is canceled (that is, for an Invite).
TerminatedLocallyThe local application requested the termination.
TerminatedRemotelyThe (last) remote user requested the termination.
BusyThe called party is not willing or able to take additional sessions.
TemporarilyUnavailableThe called party is not available for communication or does not want to be disturbed.
NotAcceptableThe called party can only generate responses with content characteristics that are not acceptable to the Accept header field sent in the request.
NotAcceptableMediaThere is a problem or the media portion of the session description is incompatible.
TimeoutAn operation timed out.
UnreachableThe called party is not reachable.
SessionTimerExpiredThe session timer expired. The remote seems to be unreachable.
ProvisionResponseReceivedThe session received a provisional response in the range 101-199.
SessionDoesNotExistThe remote does not have the session and sent a 481 Bad Call Leg response.