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RemotePresence Members

Class which provide easy access to subscribe for presence for given URIs; it encapsulates the concept of batch subscribe and single subscription and handles it internally.

The RemotePresence type exposes the following members.

Public propertyPresenceSubscriptionCategoriesGets or sets the list of categories to subscribe for.

Public methodBeginAddTargetsAdd target in the subscription dispatcher and also start the subscription for given target.
Public methodBeginPresenceQueryBegin a presence query request for a given list of targets for the given set of presence categories.
Public methodBeginRefreshInvoke the refresh operation on all active subscriptions; the client should expect to receive notifications for targets in this batch, for whom subscription is active.
Public methodBeginRemoveAllTargetsInvoke Terminate on all existing subscriptions, which are not already terminating.
Public methodBeginRemoveTargetRemove target from the subscription dispatcher and start terminating the existing subscription.
Public methodEndAddTargetsComplete the async operation started by BeginAddTarget.
Public methodEndPresenceQueryComplete the async operation initiated by the BeginPresenceQuery.
Public methodEndRefreshComplete the async operation started by BeginRefresh.
Public methodEndRemoveAllTargetsComplete the async operation started by BeginTerminate.
Public methodEndRemoveTargetComplete the async operation started by BeginremoveTarget.
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Public methodGetCurrentSubscriptionStateReturn the current subscription state for a given target.
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Public eventPresenceNotificationReceivedEvent handler that will note presence state changes for any target on the subscription.
Public eventPresenceSubscriptionStateChangedEvent handler that will note subscription state change for any target.

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